My Mom’s Letter to Santa


Dear Santa, I would be so grateful if I get my presents listed below. I do BELIEVE! Recite my poetry to the patrons at Santé. I've never had a [...]

My Mom’s Letter to Santa2022-12-27T16:33:59+00:00

My Charming Leprechaun


Found a Leprechaun in my pond today It was a few days after my birthday He tipped his hat and said hello I found him because he was aglow [...]

My Charming Leprechaun2022-12-22T18:24:59+00:00

Madam Butterfly


A Butterfly landed on me today It was a Saturday I asked the Fairy with wings to land on something So that I can always remember the day The [...]

Madam Butterfly2022-12-20T16:01:03+00:00

International Award Winning Poem 2022


The Quail … A Messenger of Peace The Quail walk along the fence bravely calling out revelry throughout the woods The Tribe answers back near and [...]

International Award Winning Poem 20222022-12-20T16:04:50+00:00

Fright Night I at Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital


T’was the night before my operation When all through the hospital Creatures were stirring Premeditating their deeds The charts were put at the nursing station with care In hopes [...]

Fright Night I at Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital2022-03-09T00:04:05+00:00

Fright Day and Fright Night II


... at Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital ... I’d like to start this story back on the day I broke my ankle; at the intersection of me, my mom and [...]

Fright Day and Fright Night II2022-04-25T22:44:48+00:00



Shed your tears for Little Kathleen She was only 14 Only a week before she laid on the soccer field Already in shock She called out to a man [...]


Varsity Blues / Sophomore Lose


Not to brag or anything but I made varsity softball as a freshman in high school. To tell you the truth, I thought they may have heard about my [...]

Varsity Blues / Sophomore Lose2022-03-29T19:32:51+00:00


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