Shed your tears for
Little Kathleen

She was only 14

Only a week before
she laid on the soccer field

Already in shock

She called out
to a man of the cloth
passing by

Father, I’m a good Irish Catholic girl
Are you here to give me
Last Rites?
She asked with a grin

He said No… I am not a priest
a local Minister I am
But I wish you well


Well… he should have given me
Last Rites
Last Rites for my innocence
Because it would be stolen
from me within a week

My mom would be stolen
within 5 months

And my soul would be set adrift
in choppy waters
with anger, disgust, hatred,
blame, shame, guilt, pain and denial
for 40 plus years

And yet my heart always
had Love in it
Love of my family, friends
and patients

So while the negative was
there was always

And eventually love of myself
and now
Love for Little Kathleen
It wasn’t her fault
She was only