Found a Leprechaun in my pond today
It was a few days after my birthday
He tipped his hat and said hello
I found him because he was aglow
Within the rushing water and plants
Hiding in plain sight
He said most people don’t see me
This is a magical place you have created here
You have enchanted
the fish and birds
the dragonflies and butterflies
to name a few
It is not challenging for you to see
the fairies, nymphs and sprites
A true believer of this magical world
I thanked him for his kind words
saying with a grin
I will not try to capture you
because you have Charmed my Heart
but I do ask this in return
Protect this place from Evil
you’d be a Centurion of sorts
Free to make a little Mischief
as you please
I’ll do that and more for you he said
I will bring you Supernatural Wealth
Not just a Shilling or two
For your Love of Nature and Irish Heritage
Rings True
Searching and Sharing
the Peace that Transcends
is your Journey til the End
I Thanked him once again