T’was the night before my operation
When all through the hospital
Creatures were stirring
Premeditating their deeds

The charts were put at the nursing station with care
In hopes that the Doctors soon would be there

With me in my gown
And once my parents left for the night
“Brave Girl” said my roommate as they left out of sight

When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But four young men all dressed in lab coats were there

With my roommate just a few feet away
All four of them took their turn with sexually assaulting me that day

Not one, not two, not three but all four
All interns or residents on the Ortho floor

The other patients were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of my predators danced in my head

I was just 14 years old a long time ago

A secret such as this a burden to hold

The shame and the guilt ate into my soul
Until I spoke of it a few years ago
It takes some time to work through it all
As I was not free of it until just moments ago

Healing from this was part of my path
Helping other to heal through art
Now that’s where I’m at

Events occurred at
Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital
Syracuse, New York
September 1976

I worked as an RN from
1983-1984 Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital
I moved to Florida in 1984