“Kathmandu, do you really want to heal from all this?”

“Yes God, I do.”

“Then you will have to mourn and grieve for Little Kathleen. She has been in shock and denial for 40+ years.”

“I know, Lord.”

“Then talk to her. Reassure her, like a mother would to her child.”

“I tried to hide and pretend it didn’t happen. I made excuses for my predators.”

“I know you did, but it did happen and you are ready to confront it. I will always be by your side.”

“But what about all the other girls they hurt? If I had spoken up sooner, far less would have been hurt. I feel a great amount of responsibility, guilt and shame for this.”

“Rid yourself of this misplaced responsibility, guilt and shame. You cannot rewrite the past. But, you can and will affect the future. Your work will encourage others not to wait 40 years. They will speak up, seek help and heal much sooner than you my child.”

“Thank you Mother Father God, for the enlightenment which is my spiritual path.”