and I don’t mean on Google!

While still in Tampa, I found Joel Osteen on television after I couldn’t go to my church anymore. My church used incense weekly and it became a trigger for migraines. Joel Osteen gave me hope when there was little in my heart! With that hope, I was able to imagine a day without pain and without my abusive husband. I still watch him today.

In 2013, I moved to Arizona and found a second, pivotal, spiritual leader — Joyce Meyer. I absolutely love her. I would record her daily shows and usually watch them multiple times. I love her direct style… she reminded me of my mom in that way. She reminded me… of me. She speaks openly about her sexual abuse, saying, “You can heal from anything — I am proof!” I still didn’t have words for what happened to me at 14. I just thought how brave she is, and was, to talk about sexual abuse as a woman minister in the 70’s. I admire this bold and brave woman of God!

I would also like to acknowledge Oprah Winfrey for her show Super Soul Sunday (OWN). I had never been exposed to these spiritual teachers. I learned so much, a lot I didn’t understand, but I listened again and again to many episodes, and bought many audiobooks.

The Gaia app has opened a whole new world to me. Different topics — different thinkers. I recently listened to one hour-long talk about emotions, at least ten times in two weeks. That is how much it resonated with me. Gaia has also helped me expand my spiritual beliefs on many levels.

Mother Nature has been the ultimate healer of my soul! Just the observation of nature is different if we live in big cities, the beaches, the burbs, out in the wilderness, or somewhere in between. Some of my views come from inside my home at a couple of advantageous perches. Others have mainly been in my own backyard during the last few years. Each time I sit to watch, to experience, to record on my camera or not… I am in AWE! In awe of the Cardinal and her mate that come to sing to me, drink some water and take a bird bath… flying off to enchant the next observer. Let’s all slow down to watch Mother Nature before she’s gone. She will teach you many lessons if you let her. There is something new everyday!

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”